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I am a writer and content creator specializing in lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. I process, discover the stories in people and places, take experiences + create something meaningful and engaging to share. This covers everything from a dreamy sunset photoshoot, to a witty graphic fashion show invitation, to powerful visually-punchy digital zine, and anything else my mind can incubate.

I'm a human that finds immense joy in the simple things.
(mine: the lullaby of thunder inside a car, that damp smell of fresh soil, and a good burning cup of milk tea.) 


I am good at seeing the big picture and connecting to the very heart of it. Connecting to the story, the people, the moment. I'm openminded, thrive off of trying new things, and pick skills up quickly. I have high attention to detail (particularly with aesthetics), yet I get more caught up keeping the content real, on the ground authentic.

My favorite personal trait? I am good at falling into flow - the mental state of operation in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity - because I am an all-in, go-getter type of woman. 

Personal vision: 

(more for me, but also to share with the digi-verse)

  • In all things, contribute to the community and planet with positivity and compassion.
  • Actively embrace the unknown, stay critical and true to myself, resist premature closure, and persistently pursue creativity.
  • Create at least one thing everyday.

Have a unique collaboration, creative itch, marvelous opportunity in mind?

Work with me: jennifer.th.lam@gmail.com

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